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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems:

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems) are the most demanded power solution in the current circumstances. Either you are a Home or Home office User, Industrial or Corporate User You can’t afford Loss Of Work & Data, or your own discomforts because of electric or power failures.

APC UPS are the world famous UPS range by Schneider Electric which was formerly known as “American Power Conversion Corporation”. APC was acquired By Schneider Electric in 2007 and was combined with MGE systems. Uninterruptible Power Supply systems are available under both brand names APC and MGE, as both are simultaneously owned, and marketed by Schneider Electric however APC is much more famous and has acquired the greater value in Power Solution Industry.

APC UPS Calculator/ Selector:

The requirement of energy solution differs widely from type of users, which may include Households, Small offices and Retail points, Small Industrial or commercial units and or Large Data base centers and Multi-national Companies. It also differs in some other factors like Load required to be served, Backup time required, Devices to be connected with etc. In connection with all these different factors every consumer or buyer needs to know the best suitable uninterruptible Power supply solution for his personal needs. To satisfy these needs APC UPS systems have provided a complete solution “APC UPS CALCULATOR/SELECTOR” which helps you figure out the best solution By user type, By Load, and By Devices to be connected with the UPS.

APC UPS Store:

There are several stores which are selling UPS systems in Pakistan, but only a few are those who can provide genuine APC Warranty in Pakistan. Computer Point is proud to announce the availability of APC and MGE UPS systems available with the facility of online shopping along with genuine warranty in Pakistan. So either you can use the APC UPS Calculator mentioned above or you may select the best UPS System from the variety of UPS available at our store with best UPS prices in Pakistan.


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