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Laptop Computer is also known as a notebook computer, a portable convenient computer which is small in size less than a briefcase, enough to use in your lap, can easily use everywhere. Its shape is like a notebook because it can easily be folded. The price of a laptop is a little bit more than a desktop computer because it contains advanced features like it contains battery system, we charged it at once 100% and then it works till the battery gets low, it's an excellent feature because the computer must want electricity and circuit. You can easily convert the laptop into a desktop computer.

Some important Specification Or Features:

  1. High-resolution screens
  2. RAM is more than 8GB
  3. 12 to 14-inch screen
  4. 8+ hours battery time
  5. 2 in 1 laptop
  6. 45W TDP processor
  7. With advanced window-10
  8. Fingerprint reader
  9. DVD drive

Cheap Laptop Price in Pakistan:

There is a lot of variations in the price of laptops, depends upon the manufacturing, advance features, size, and weight. Therefore, for your relaxation, I have described best laptops at a low price which you can get easily buy laptops in Pakistan and these are as follow:

  1. Dell Laptop
  2. Lenovo Laptop
  3. Hp Laptop

Dell Laptop:

Dell laptop is the latest laptop and lowest in cost throughout Pakistan. Dell is an American computer technology company that creates, retail, repairs and supports the computer and other related products. The Dell Inspiron having fantastic large screen size and contains the quality of being light enough to be carried contains thin layer and light magnesium, its CPU is powerful and effective. Its weight is about 2.9 pounds, 14-inch screen length, contains 8GB of RAM and 512GB solid drive and its graphics is MX250. Dell laptop is available in Black color. It contains 6 battery cells which charge this excellent featured laptop and battery life includes 24 to 32hours.

Hp Laptop:

Hp Laptop is also a cheap prize containing laptop throughout Pakistan. Hp laptop was discovered by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard and also the production of American multinational companies of technology with the large variation in the Hardware as well as software. It has a specific cut design with 10th generation having powerful CPU, its weight is about 2.59 pounds, 13.3-inch screen length, it also contains 16GB of RAM and also contain solid-state drive and having 6 cells with 24- hours battery life. Its battery is a form of lithium-ion Includes two ports one includes a USB connection and another having a microSD card reader which easy to connect. Hp laptop available in silver, black and blue color so fee free to buy online laptops.

Lenovo Laptop:

Lenovo laptop is the low cost and advance featured laptop and can easily get throughout Pakistan. Lenovo is a Beijing product of technology its incorporation with Hong Kong. Lenovo has excellent features with a 9th generation processor and also has a powerful CPU its weight is about 2.54 pounds, 15.6-inch screen length with broad size in width, it also contains 16GB RAM and is a solid-state drive containing a laptop. There are total of 6 cores, 12 threads, and 4.5GHz Turbo there is another advanced feature that occurs which is fingerprint lock and face lock and the color of this laptop includes in Black, Blue, and grey.


From the above discussion it is easy to you for the quick selection of well-specification laptop throughout Pakistan with the low cost when you are going to buy the Laptop for the daily use you have to keep your concentration on the above features that I have describes you have to know about the RAM, storage capacity, battery life, display length and width, hardware, software and the processor of the laptop these are the main as well as major points of laptops to online shopping laptop will ease your lifestyle.