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Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD

  • Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD

Ci7 6500



13.3 inch

Shared GC


One Year International Warranty

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Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD Introduction:

 The Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD is a best laptop in the market which is in latest design and shape. You can adjust it according to your choice. It is full of flexible features. You can use it very easily because it is durable and have all the authentic features. It has no optional touch screen but it gives you best graphics result. So, it is very convenient to use.

Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD Specs:

This laptop has a lot of latest specs. It has a 13.3 inches LED screen with the good resolution as well. Hard drive of SATA is used in it with the capacity of 500GB 5400rpm.

You will get the best experience of using this latest version of laptop. It has a best operating system of windows ubuntu. Intel core 6th generation of laptop processor is used in it. You can also get a lot of information about this laptop from the following link. Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 More information

Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD Drivers:

Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 - Touch IPS FHD has a lot of drivers which are already installed in it. But if you need latest version of drivers for enhancing or utilizing this laptop then you can simply download it from the following link. .Dell IN7359-Ci7 6500 Support

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  • Rs. 124,995

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Summary: Ci7 6500,256GB SSD,8GB,13.3 inch,Shared GC,Ubuntu
  • Brand: Dell
  • Product Code: IN7359-Ci7 6500
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

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