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Dell Latitude E6230 i7

Dell Latitude E6230 i7
Dell Latitude E6230 i7 Dell Latitude E6230 i7
Brand: Dell
Product Code: DELL LATITUDE E6230 -3520
Availability: Discontinued
Price: Rs 122,500
Processor Model Ci7 3520M
Harddisk 500 GB
Screen size 12.5 Inch
Graphics Card Shared GC
O.S Details Windows 7 Home Premium
Warranty Duration One Year International and local Dell Warranty
Claim Center Dell Warranty Center
Speed / Frequency 2.9Ghz turbo upto 3.6Ghz

Bring maximum mobility to your organization with the highly compact yet powerful Latitude E6230™ laptop.

Agile performance:
Uncheck your productivity with a range of performance options, including solid-state drives, cutting-edge Intel® Core™ processors, HD graphics and optional Intel® Rapid Start Technology™

Useful usage:
Work comfortably with easy docking and the help of design features intended to make your time in front of the screen as productive as possible, anywhere you work

Confident security:
Help safeguard your data and meet compliance standards with a complete array of available protections, including Dell™ Data Protection | Access and Dell™ Data Protection│Encryption.

Resourceful manageability:
From deployment to ongoing maintenance and support, Latitude can help you simplify IT management with remote access, remote battery and BIOS management capability and optional Intel® vPro™ technology for efficient out-of-band management.

Long-term permanence supported by proven service:
Invest in a laptop that provides long-term stability through a carefully planned and executed an evolutionary life cycle and managed transitions

Inspired design:
Discover real-world durability and dependability in a laptop designed for the rigors of work on the move.

Long permanent durability:
Travel with confidence knowing that the Latitude E6230 is protected. From its Tri-metal™ Frameworks to its enhanced hard drive isolation, the E6230 are a capable partner.

The Right Fit:
No matter which Latitude you choose, your organization benefits from the unified addition to other Latitude E-Family laptops, docking stations and accessories.

Environmentally conscious design:
Latitude can help your organization meet its environmental goals with an energy-efficient design that’s brominated flame retardant (BFR) and PVC free.

Battery Life:

The maximum battery life, calculated with the BatteryEater Readers test and minimal brightness, energy saving profile, and disabled wireless modules, is almost 10 hours. The minimum is only almost 2 hours. This result was also recorded with the BatteryEater Tool, however, in the Classic Test at maximum brightness, peak performance profile and enabled WI-Fi modules. In our practice-orientedWLAN test, every 40 seconds a new page with different contents is accessed. This test was done with the energy saving profile and a brightness of 148 CD/m² (dimmed two levels). Under these circumstances, the user can surf the internet for about 5.75 hours via WI-Fi hotspot.


The stereo speakers are located at the bottom side of the device’s chamfered front edge and their sound hits the table. This has a positive effect on the richness of the sound. The sound, thus appears to be surprisingly balanced, as long as the device is located on the table; the maximum volume, which does not distort the sound, is also alright for interiors.


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