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QMobile K180

  • QMobile K180



Famous brand QMobile brings the K180 to fulfill your feature phone needs. Now you can easily use this phone as subsidiary for your smart phone. Most of the people use a feature phone along with smartphones. QMobile K180 is the best companion with your main device because it does not weight too much and it is also easy to carry. So light that can easily fit in your pockets QMobile's K180 is best for its long lasting battery while comfy typing keypad is best for texting. Many people love to use smart phone but they did not get comfortable with touchscreen. This is where QMobile K180's durable keypad comes in handy. 

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  • Rs. 1,550

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Summary: 2.4"
  • Brand: qMobile
  • Product Code: K180
  • Availability: In Stock


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