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QMobile E550 Music

  • QMobile E550 Music


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QMobile has introduced new product E550 music with high quality sound that you have never listened before. So many good things that I am confused that from which one I should start first. Well I got it that the most unique thing which I saw in QMobile E550 Music is its dual speakers that produces 90db amplified stereo sound without any additional noise or sound. Just like its sound quality and loudness next unique thing about QMobile's E550 Music is its wireless FM Radio which has made it possible to listen Radio anywhere without headphones. Sometime you want to listen but your phone ask for headphones but now with QMobile Music in your hand you don't need any kind of head phones for turning the Radio on. Now you will listen your favorite channel on air without need of any headphones. 

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Summary: 2.4"
  • Brand: qMobile
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